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Some of My Favorite Things

There are a few things I think are just fun things to own.  They bring beauty and function to a home- something no home should be without.  And so I thought I would share some of my favorite things. The first is the Tava Tray from Pottery Barn.  It is a classic and is functional […]

Making The Most of A Small Space

You know the saying, ” Good things come in small packages.”  Well, you can most definitely apply that to small rooms.  Some of my favorite rooms are small and intimate.  I have found that using furniture and decorative elements that offer maximum functionality ( can multi task ) is always helpful.  Using rounded furnishings for […]

Design Basics

  Design is not really a science per se, but there are some basic ‘rules’ that one can follow to achieve that appealing designer look. – For a cohesive theme choose one color 60 percent of the room,  use two accent hues (15 percent each) and spice things up with a pop of color that’s […]

Inspiring Home Offices

I am currently in the process of reorganizing my home office.  I’ve hired a professional organizer to assist me in this process.  It has been fun and overwhelming at the same time.  Your workspace should look and feel inspiring and serene.  To establish such a setting, one needs to consider function of the space, color, […]

To Stage or Not To Stage

Home Staging is the art of creating the most attractive  and welcoming  home on the real estate market.  The primary purpose of staging a home for sale is to create a product that will appeal to the largest segment of potential buyers, thereby selling the home in less amount of time and for the most […]

Jingle All The Way…….

One of the essentials of design that can be applied to holiday decorating would be to keep your color theme consistent.  Repeating colors and similar design elements will blend your holiday theme together and create a cohesive look throughout your home.  I have found that using silvers and golds or whites and creams can create […]


  Continuing on from last weeks post I hope you have gotten into the Christmas spirit without any unnecessary stress.  I personally have had a slow start to this season.  Although, I did go out yesterday and clip some evergreen and magnolia branches and got out some of our glass ornaments.  This year I thought […]

‘Tis The Season

With Thanksgiving past and Christmas fast approaching, the stress levels of most people rise.  I know Christmas was not intended to create stress…..and so for the next couple of weeks I’s like to share a few simple Christmas design ideas that hopefully will create an unexpected and elegant Christmas decor to your home.  My first […]

Finding Your Design Concept

The key to a good design is to declare a concept.  Your concept can be anything from a specific theme to a painting.  In essence it is what you want your space to say.  I recently finished a design project for a family who loved beautiful art…..and so we created a wall of art.  We […]

Choosing A Paint Color

Choosing A Paint Color In my design experience, some of the simplest tips are the most important.  One is choosing paint color. When trying to decide what paint to use in a room, it is not wise to base your decision on a small paint chip. I always encourage people to find three areas of […]